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Canadian Bishop to get public apology from blogger8/04/2014by The Hamilton Spectator (Canada)
Sudanese Anglican bishop follows his fleeing flock across Africa8/04/2014by Bellah Zulu, ACNS
Anglican women: ‘Gender equality key to sustainable development framework’8/04/2014by Terrie Robinson, Anglican Communion Office/ACNS
Archbishop of Canterbury welcomes draft modern slavery bill8/04/2014by Lambeth Palace media release
New bishop chosen for Riverina8/04/2014by Alex McConachie, The Daily Advertiser (NSW)
New initiative linking up asylum seeker ministries8/04/2014by Nick Gilbert, Sydney Anglicans
Anglican, Roman Catholic theologians host informal dialogue in England7/04/2014by Joshua J. McElwee, National Catholic Reporter (US)
Human trafficking brings shame to humanity, UN Special Rapporteur tells an ecumenical consultation7/04/2014by World Council of Churches
Church of England suspends Midlands vicar as it looks into role in Rwanda genocide6/04/2014by Chris McGreal, The Observer (UK)
New deadline for sale of rare £1.1m Biblical manuscript6/04/2014by BBC News
Atheist alcoholics seek to be well without ‘God’5/04/2014by Douglas Todd, The Vancouver Sun (Canada)
Archbishop of Canterbury wants lessons on evils of payday loans taught in schools5/04/2014by Neil, Craven, Financial Mail on Sunday (UK)
Zimbabwe Anglicans to build $120m university4/04/2014by Nyemudzai Kakore, The Herald/ACNS
Churches use Lent to raise awareness on climate change4/04/2014by World Council of Churches/ACNS
Anglican Communion sexuality decisions can mean African Christians suffer, says Archbishop of Canterbury4/04/2014by ACNS text and LBC video
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